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What We Do?

Fix your technologies. Clean up your online presence. Drive the masses to your door. Let me elaborate.

Fix your technologies... first assessing your situation. Are your PCs more than (5) five years old? Are you still using Windows XP? If so, start planning for replacements. You don't want to waste time or money after a certain point.

Do you have a server? If so, how old is it? Do you have a backup system? How about an Anti-Virus/Security Suite? Does this suite cover your PCs as well? Are all of the above maintained with the latest virus signatures, patches and updates?

You should have clear answers to these questions and more. If you don't have these answers please contact us now to set up your free on-site assessment.

Clean up your online presence... evaluating the feel of your websites, what is the first impression it gives off? Is this a professional company or a fly by night company that's going to steal my money? How about the worst kind of impression, is this business even open? If your website feels abandoned, then it is.

We also evaluate your brand, your letterhead, business cards, e-mail signatures, social media and how they correlate to each other. Do they share a consistent message? This is the first impression of your company 98% of the time.

We look at if anyone visits your website? Where are they coming from? Are they "direct" (you sent them or they know you), "search" (they found you in a search results page) or via "an advertisements" (PPC - Pay Per Click, Print Ads, Mailers, and so on).

When they get to your website, are they staying and shopping? Or hitting the back button? Do they contact you through your website? If not, Why?

Answering these questions can simplify your internet/social media presence so they produce for you.

Drive the masses to your door... interviewing your company to determine your targets. Assess your capabilities and find out what your budgets should be to set realistic goals.

If the potential clients you're hitting wants OJ and you're selling lemonade it does you no good to waste all of that time and money. I want to find out how much money it's going to take to make you money. I want to find out who you can make money with and where you're going to shop for these potential clients?

If you want to sell lemonade on Park Avenue in NYC, you know this is going to take a significant budget. However, it would be a lot less of an investment if you wanted to sell Lemonade on the corner of Main St. in your own town first.

My Business is to make you money...

...I consider it a failure if you pay me a $1000 and you don't get $1000 or more back. "The catch" is you still have to sell them.

If you or your staff cannot work because your technology has failed, you're losing money. If your website looks like an abandoned store near the railroad tracks it's costing you money. If your abandoned store near the railroad tracks is near being condemned, why waste your money to drive the masses there?

We're here to help.

We want you to stop worrying, trust us and lose that fear of your technologies. We will streamline your technologies, simplify your processes and hit your targets hard. So contact us, Call us or e-mail us through the website. We look forward to hearing from you.

Some of Our Esteemed Clients

Cruise Ship Injury Attorney | Michael D. Eriksen |

— Eriksen Law Firm

Managed Support Services, Web Design & (SEO) Search Engine Optimization, main keyword target "cruise ship injury attorney".

Note: "Injury Attorney" is a Highly Competitive Category.

— Gil-Bar Industries

Web Design & (SEO) Search Engine Optimization, main keyword target "Commercial HVAC New York.

Note: This company is based in New York City. "Uber" Competitive competition.

— Kitchen Art of South Florida

Web Design & (SEO) Search Engine Optimization, main keyword targets are really too many to list. They're all based on kitchen remodeling south florida. "contemporary style kitchens", "tradition style kitchens" , "transitional style kitchens".

Note: HGTV that's nice company for these very generic, highly competitive terms.

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