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Web Design & Planning

How does a business website succeed?

For a business to create a successful website, you must first understand that your website needs to build trust to establish your business website as reputable enough to take an action. What action do you want them to take. Who is your ideal client? What they will and will not do on your website?

You know what they say, "You don't get a second chance to make a first impression."

If a website visitor doesn't trust your website as a reputable online company, then they most likely will not do business with you. The easiest way to establish your website as trustable is a professionally planned, well designed website.

When I land on a webpage the first thing I notice is the look & feel. Then I ask myself, "Am I in the right place?" "Do they have what I want?" "Should I even waste my time?"

When someone arrives on your website, if you want them to click anywhere except their back button you have to answer these questions immediately. And when I say immediately, I mean within at most seven (7) seconds. with some research being as low as five(5).

Is your website design that important?

Thier judgement is within their first thoughts. If your website is viewed as ugly, confusing or outdated, your potential clients and their money are out the door before they even read a word.

Why would I or anyone else for that matter stay and shop if we're still asking ourselves, "Are they still in business?" "Are they going to rob me?" It's simple, they won't and yes your website is that important.

Your first impression is the most important impression only until you make your second impression

First impressions are important. They set the tone for how the next impression will be viewed. So let's assume your website visitor has a great first impression of your website. Now that they've stayed. Are they going to know what to do next? What action do you want them to take?

Maybe your website is informational and you just want them to read your website to know who you are, what you do and how to contact you. This is what every website starts out as.

Imagine a online mall-like "You are here sign" I know it seems simple. But, they don't scare you away and they tell you everything you need to know.

Every new visitor, especially on your website should have the comfort of knowing where they are, what they can gain and how to contact you if something goes wrong when dealing with your company.

A professionally planned, well designed website should naturally guide your visitor to the action you want them to take.

Let me expand on the "you are here sign", the first thing they do is tell you where you are and I'm not talking about the actual you are here icon. I'm talking about the "header" area. I'm sure you'll see a logo of the mall, the name of the mall, some contact info and maybe even a greeting. Alot of this is assumed and taken for granted, but what if it was your first time at this sign and you didn't know where you were. Kind of like when someone finds your website for the first time. This info has now become pretty important and is now the starting point.

Once the essentials are established, it's on to the shopping. Unless there's no map. Could you imagine going to a new mall and walking to every store and kiosk until you found what you were looking for.

Well I couldn't. I want to go right to what I want to buy and buy it. Yeah I can be persuaded to buy other things. But the only way I'm staying in this mall is if I know I can get what I want. If I don't know that. Then my money and I are leaving right away.